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Deeply cleaned four bedroom, 1960 square foot, home. Cleaned the usual things, but also windowsills, fireplace, front of appliances. They did an excellent job. The first clean was a deep clean which took about 5 hours of work. I've really never seen my house this clean. It was fantastic to come to my home and see the excellent job they had done. I was also impressed that they cleaned out my fireplace. I'm definitely excited to have them come to my home once a month. As an FYI, these cleaners request that you provide your own cleaning supplies. I actually like that because I get to pick the supplies I want (whether it be the all natural, non-toxic variety).

KA, Newton,

Post-construction cleaning of a 2 story 2100 sq. foot single family home. The house was cleaned top to bottom, including walls, inside surface of 30+ windows, and all existing window blinds. The basement was not included, though it was an option. Member Comments: We recently hired Jill's cleaning to clean our house after a large scale 1st floor renovation project. Thiago was prompt in responding to my initial inquiry and quickly scheduled an on-site visit to assess the project. We asked for a top to bottom cleaning including extras, such as cleaning the walls, any existing window treatments and the inside surfaces of windows. The rough estimate was ~ $500. Our time table was very tight because we had to organize the cleaning at the tail end of construction but before moving into the house, which was a time span of 2 days. Thiago was extremely flexible and responsive via phone and email about scheduling the visit. As one can imagine, this was a stressful time with a lot of moving parts to organize. Amazingly, everything went very smoothly. Overall, they did a spectacular job. The house looked amazing! It was such a relief to be able to move into our new, CLEAN home after months of construction. For anyone who is dealing with a similar situation, we highly recommend Jill's Cleaning. It's incredible how much dust and crud a construction project can generate and there was no way we could have dealt with this on our own. We were truly impressed and very happy with the results.

DF, Jamaica Plain,

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Just when I thought that my expectations were too high and that I should maybe be more realistic, Jill's cleaning came and saved the day. They were extremely prompt in their responses and were available very soon after the initial consultation to determine pricing and to understand the scope of services that needed to be done. When they came, they triple checked everything that needed to be done. Jill personally came over briefly to speak with me and instruct the cleaners. So, they actually MOVE things to clean under them. That's right - they moved FURNITURE to vacuum UNDER the nightstands, armchairs, etc. I couldn't believe it. They cleaned the handles to things, the refrigerator door and handle, got any cobwebs out of the corners AND cleaned the outside surface of the windows by my front door. Couldn't believe it. Recommend highly. A+ across the board!

KP, Framingham,

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